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Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Locally owned and operated by two great friends, Kelli Hodges and Amanda Howse, Studio 253 is the finest indoor photo shoot location in Tacoma, WA. They each had their own photography business before they started the rental studio business. In Tacoma, there are many rainy days and a short window of great weather for outdoor shoots. They saw a need for a better space for photographers to rent for great indoor shoots. As professional photographers, they know what their fellow photographers need, and they've delivered just that.

Meet Kelli

Kelli Hodges Photography



Meet Kelli:

I'm an international wedding and custom portrait photographer based in downtown Tacoma.

I believe that photos are more than just pictures. They capture life and create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Though a nicely posed picture is a must, I also adore natural smiles and moments. I want to capture you and your family as you are, right now at this moment in your lives. My goal is to capture the personality of every individual I photograph. Given this, during our time together, you can expect the unexpected. I will most likely ask you to do something a little out of the ordinary, so just go with me on it. That's how I create those amazing shots. Most of all, I want to capture your family interacting with each other, expressing the relationships that you share.

With an eye for detail, I try to bring out the uninhibited nature of my clients. So be ready to relax, be silly, and most importantly have FUN!

I am a proud lifelong resident of the great Pacific Northwest, residing in Browns Point with my husband of 19 years, our three beautiful children, and our two King Charles Cavaliers.

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Meet Amanda





Hi. I’m Amanda.


I love Photography. And cats. We have 6 currently. I eat Swedish Fish and Red Vines while I edit photos.


I have been happily married for 16 years. I got married in Lake Tahoe, which will always be "home".


I grew up between California and The Big Island of Hawaii.


I have two BA's that I am very proud of. One in English and one in Professional Photography.


I love to read. I listen to audiobooks & podcasts while I drive.


My family and my husband are very important to me.


When I’m not with my family, the thing I enjoy most is shooting yours! (With my camera of course)


For 20 years I lived for Saturdays and weddings.  For the past 5 years my time has been spent photographing high school seniors. I feel I have found my calling when I am photographing people.

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